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JSTS: Episode 001 – Getting Started – Jacobson Park


JSTS Podcast Art

Just Shootin’ The S**t (JSTS) – Episode 001

Getting Started – Jacobson Park

Show Notes


A professional podcast about beginning and intermediate photography for everyone that would like to learn about photography.  Mat Gdowski, a professional photographer from South Bay Photography, goes over the ins and outs of using your camera for photography and how to capture your best images.

This first episode covers the following:

  • SECTION ONE – Talk about who I am and how long I have been shooting professional photography (15 years)
  • SECTION TWO – Talk about what I want people to get out of this podcast (general photography knowledge & answering questions people have)
  • SECTION THREE – Description of different kinds of cameras (smartphone cameras, point and shoot cameras and DSLRs) and I will be focusing on DSLR’s
    • Smartphone cameras – advantages? Drawbacks?
    • Point and shoot cameras – advantages? Drawbacks?
    • DSLR cameras – advantages? Drawbacks?
    • What equipment do I use professionally and why?
  • SECTION FOUR – Types of “modes” on the camera:
    • P – Program
    • Av – Aperture Value
    • Tv – Time Value/Shutter Speed
    • M – Manual